Welcome To Pikimusic.

Wish everyone have a good time here.
This platform, however, is still in development. Check out the demo site we built now :)

What is Pikimusic?

Pikimusic is a land(or, a platform) for musician & its fans.
We believe in this platform, every musician can freedomly publish their works, get paid, and should have the control of the platform what they are using.
And here comes Pikimusic.
-- Reiki


Q : I don't see the difference between Pikimusic and Bandcamp(etc.)!
A : Pikimusic is more like a big HOME. Every musician can vote and express their own ideas, in order to make this platform better. Also, we respect every musicians and want to grow up with them together.

Q : Great! So when can I use it?
A : This platform is still developing. You can check out the Demo site now, and told us your idea about it.

Q : Can I join the development?
A : Sure! You can find the information on our developer site.